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Introducing Harry!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Where did he come from? How did he get here? What does he have to do with fence? Why?

We recently were on a mission to rebrand Freedom Fencing of Ga. We don't want to be "just another fence company", but rather are looking to set ourselves apart in more ways than just providing the best service in the Canton and North Metro Ga areas.

When we decide to go... we like to go BIG and make as big a statement as possible, while giving a nod to the communities that surround us and the heritage that they come with. So when it came time to find a mascot for Freedom Fencing of Ga... what better than a sasquatch, also referred to as Bigfoot? Introducing "Harry"...

Harry in his original form.
Freedom Fencing of Ga's mascot "Harry"

Where did Harry come from?

Having been born and raised right here in Cherokee County, Ga, starting in Woodstock, Ga and later moving up to Canton, Ga I was raised on the folklore of the great Bigfoot. I later came to understand his more "official" name as Sasquatch. Cherokee County, Ga is the gateway to the Appalachian foothills. Stories of Bigfoot run rampant in the childhoods of those fortunate enough to be raised here. Just North, in the small town of Cherry Log, on the side of 515, you will even find a true sasquatch museum full of artifacts and videos documenting the many sightings of Bigfoot around the region. Harry has been here long before Freedom Fencing of Ga.

Growing up in the 80s and early 90s, a great movie came out, "Harry and the Hendersons". I haven't actually watched this moving for a very long time, and like many of the sitcoms from my childhood that were some of the coolest shows ever (MacGyver, A-Team, Night Rider) I'm afraid to ruin my remembrance by watching the movie again when compared to todays writing and graphics. Harry was a goofy, fun-loving sasquatch that imbedded himself in the Henderson Family. Exactly the kind of sasquatch I had envisioned for Freedom Fencing of Ga. With an idea in my mind, and a team of artists around and many more available via the internet... Harry eventually emerged. A cool, laid back, happy, Freedom loving sasquatch, soon to take over the hearts and minds of those in the Canton, Ga and North Metro Atlanta areas.

How did Harry get to be the mascot?

While working to find "THE" mascot, the bigfoot was a top runner from the beginning. With all great ideas comes great inspiration. I was looking for something that would stand out. Something that would be eye catching and easily remembered. Our "official" logo and branding, which we still love and will continue to use, felt like it would just blend with the rest of the fence and business world. Nothing too memorable, but still very clean and professional.

I have always been impressed with the monkey logo presented by Gas Monkey Garage. He is in your face, outlandish, and overwhelming... but everyone who's seen it, knows exactly who I am talking about. We know he stands out, and whether you see "Gas Monkey Garage" attached to his logo or not, you know who he belongs to. I'm not sure what they paid for that marketing ploy, but I found that it worked, and it was exactly the type of image I was wanting to go for.

Sasquatch comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. Most of the time Sasquatch has an angry, mean, intimidating appearance. Not exactly the welcoming, fun loving, good time approach that I want to have my company represented as. Freedom Fencing of Ga prides itself not only on providing a quality fence, but also delivering a great experience both for our clients and our team. I feel that Harry represents the fun side of Freedom Fencing of Ga.

What does Harry have to do with Fence?

When introducing Harry to friends and family as he first began his appearance and the idea was being discussed, the question of "What does he have to do with Fence?" came up... A LOT.

Simply, the answer is.... nothing. I could find some round about way to find an attachment of Bigfoot and fence work... but it would always be a stretch, and the truth of the matter is he's a sasquatch, he'd be more likely to tear a fence down, or run through one, than to install it.


Why? Why not? He's a sasquatch. If you are still scratching your head trying to figure out why Harry made the cut... and there are plenty of friends and family at this current position, then that's perfectly OK. I have found that Harry resonates with about 50% of the people he's been introduced to.

I was looking for something, or someone, fun, easily remembered, and easily marketable. Harry hits all three. He's a local historic figure (real or imagined is up to your discretion), and he's the hero/villain of many tales throughout the region.

Why Harry? Because he's awesome and I am super proud of the rendition of the age old Sasquatch/Bigfoot/Yeti that we have come to know and love.

Join us in welcoming Harry to the Freedom Fencing of Ga family, and we look forward to you and yours getting to know and support him more as the days and years go on.

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