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Fence Repair and Protection with PostSaver in Johns Creek, GA

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Fence repair in Johns Creek, Ga is a common request we receive at Freedom Fencing of Ga. Fence repair in Johns Creek, Ga is an unfortunate, but necessary job that is required to maintain the function and longevity of your investment.

Most of the fence repair requests we receive here in Johns Creek, Ga is due to rotten posts. As the fence post is set in the ground, the fence is most subjected to the elements, moisture, and organics at and just below the ground level. At this stage of contact with the ground, the fence post is constantly bombarded by lingering moisture, insects, and organics that typically aren't found past the first few inches.

Johns Creek, Ga gets it's fair share of rain and humidity. How do we prevent the posts from rotting? There are various methods that people attempt to use. But we, as professionals, don't like to practice or experiment on your fence. We work to find solutions that are tried and true by locating products that have stood the test of time and have a track record and warranty that stand behind it.

For rotten posts, we have found a product called a PostSaver.

The PostSaver is a product that is essentially shrink wrapped around the base of the post at the point where the "green" section is slightly out of the ground (follow the directions). There the post is protected from the elements at the most attacked portion of the post. These posts are applied with heat and come in various sizes depending upon the size of post being protected.

If your having a new fence installed, or any other structure that a bare post will be placed into the ground, we HIGHLY recommend the PostSaver as it will protect your investment for many years to come. Did we mention it has a 20 year warranty?

If you are interested in a fence and would like to consider the addition of the PostSaver product, please reach out to:

Freedom Fencing of Ga


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