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Our Vision

"Providing quality products and services to our clients to fulfill their needs and desires." 


Freedom Fencing of Ga was created out of the junction of a few needs. I decided to take my previous  experience in construction and begin providing solutions to those with needs. The first few needs that arose were that in the fence industry. 

Having spent close to 20 years in the fire service, the importance of quality work, continued education, and pride in your work, are things that you cannot turn off. We purposely seek out continuing education in the fields of fence, deck, and stain. Collaborating with the titans of the industry, we are continuously working to improve our systems and processes to ensure our clients receive the best experience and products possible. 

As the business has grown, I have worked to ensure that we are continuously meeting our vision; "Providing quality products and services to our clients to fulfill their needs and desires." With this in mind, I have worked to ensure that we bring on the best of the best to our team. 

I am excited for what Freedom Fencing of Ga has in store for the North Metro Atlanta communities. The Freedom Fencing of Ga family has grown more than I could have ever imagined. We are not only meeting the needs of fence, deck, and stain projects for our clients, protecting investments, beautifying their homes, and increasing property values, but we have gained more friends, met more of our community, and gained a greater appreciation for the amazing people of our community. 

At times, I feel our vision needs to be updated, but I'm not sure how to put that in a sentence, wanting to continue to grow our family, treat our clients as such, and make the North Metro community a greater place to live and be. 

I want to personally invite you to reach out and introduce yourself. We love to help those in the community, even if everyone is not our client. 

Give us a call today to discuss your project!


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