Who we are

We are a fence, deck, and stain company serving the North Metro Atlanta areas. I, Adam Sims, own and operate this amazing business on the side of being a full-time firefighter for a local fire department. Based out of Canton, GA, we strive to provide quality built structures to help our customers provide the best opportunities to enjoy their outdoor space, providing them the Freedom from day-to-day life as they relax in their oasis. We also work to protect your investments, both new and existing, so you can enjoy your Freedom for many years to come.


We love working with wood. We can erect new structures such as fences, decks, pergolas, etc. or we can rejuvenate your existing structures. Is your fence or deck "too far gone"? We ask that you allow us to come and take a look ourselves. It may need a few repairs, but many times, a good cleaning and rejuvenation, followed by some quality stain and sealant, and you will be amazed at how beautiful your existing structure can be, and at a fraction of the cost of replacement. If your structure is to the point of being beyond repair, we can replace it and protect it from the start to ensure your new investment lasts for many years to come.


Having been born and raised here in Cherokee County, GA, the one thing I love about our climate is we get all 4 seasons. From the sweltering hot days spent at the lake, to the bone-chilling days huddled around the fireplace, and the gorgeous days of spring and fall attending festivals and enjoying the many outdoor activities, our climate stays in the sweet spot where our services can continue year-round. We have carefully selected the best products in our industry for our customers. These products allow us to work in all conditions. Our stains can be applied in below-freezing temperatures and in record-breaking heat. The only thing that stops us from working is Sundays and holidays. We love our families, and we want to ensure our team is able to spend quality time with them. We know you understand.


We service the North Metro Atlanta communities. If you have a fence, deck, pergola, wood shutter, dock, or any other structure in the North Metro Atlanta area feel free to reach out! We would love to discuss the details of your project with you!


We found ourselves in the fence industry by filling a void needing to be met by some amazing friends of ours. Over time, we have fallen in love with not only providing great products for our customers but our customers themselves! Atlanta is an amazing place full of amazing people. Being able to get out and meet the community and those we live around is always the greatest part of being on the Freedom Fencing team. But greater than this, we work to provide the best for our families and our team. Family is huge in our world. After battling cancer with a newborn at home I knew something had to change. Working 2 days on and 1 day off at the local fire department was keeping me away from my family way too often. This business has allowed me more time to spend with my family. Being home more when it's the first day of school, the next band performance at the school, or just sitting by the pool enjoying the summer. We have limited time and I intend to spend more of it with the people I love.