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How much is my fence or deck going to cost?

Get a FREE estimate
and learn our process below!

Step 1: Fill Out the Form

Get a Free Estimate

Thank you! We will be reaching out shortly!

Step 2: Phone Call 

Thank you for completing our Free Estimate Form! The next step is we will reach out to discuss your project and work to determine a better idea of the scope of work you are looking for.

This phone call is on average of about 20 minutes long. Here we begin to discuss the details of your project using the information gathered from the Free Estimate Form as a start.

We will also work to get a better estimated cost of your project based off our discussions. 

Step 3: In Person Consultation

Congrats! We are moving on to Step 3!

Now it's time for us to come visit your property for an in person consultation. Here we will take the time to speak with you in person, while walking the project.


We will be looking for any on site concerns as well as assisting with ideas to help you ensure you receive the project of your dreams. 

Step 4: Get on the Schedule

OK! We have finished our consultation, we have the ideal project in mind, final estimated costs of the project has been calculated, and we have agreed that Freedom Fencing of Ga is the right fit to bring you the results you desire.

To secure your place on the schedule we require a 50% deposit. From there, the gears keep working behind the scenes.

Step 5: Ordering Materials and Much More!

We are continuously working behind the scenes. 

During this time we are gathering materials, scheduling locates, and prepping our team to be the best prepared to complete your project in a timely manner.

Step 6: Getting Utilities Marked

Just before install, we will contact the utility companies that service your location and have any underground utilities marked. This will be required prior to us being able to do any digging on the property.

This the responsibility of the contractor (Freedom Fencing of Ga) via Ga811. So don't worry, just sit back and relax, you're in good hands.

Step 7: Installation

It's time for the install! This is where things get exciting. We will arrive and first, our foreman will perform a pre-installation walk through. We verify measurements, gate locations, corners, etc... 

Once all design features are reaffirmed, the crews begin the installation process. 

Step 8: Completion

Your project is complete and it's time for the final walk through. Our foreman will once again walk through the project with you.

During this time, the foreman will point out the main features and verify everything meets the scope of work agreed to earlier. 

Once the walk through is complete, final documentation will be handled and payment will be processed.

Step 9: Become Family

Congrats on your completed project! We want to ensure you understand that even though your project is complete, we aren't going to leave you on your own. 

We guarantee our work and stand behind it. If you need anything, or have any questions, we beg you to reach out. 

Once your project is complete, we hope you feel as if you are part of the Freedom Fencing of Ga family, because you are!

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