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One of the most common fences used in today's metro areas. The privacy fence provides just that, privacy, in a myriad of styles and options. With our experience in woodworking, we are confident in our ability to provide you with a tailored look to your landscape utilizing a wood privacy fence. From basic to ornate, your privacy fence can match your landscape and design perfectly. 



We at Freedom Fencing of Ga love sitting on a beautiful deck just like the next. If you're dreaming of a new deck, an addition to your deck, or a deck repair, allow us to assist you with your project and provide you the place to relax with you and yours. 



Stain does more than just allow your project to look beautiful, stain also protects the wood from UV rays, moisture, organic growth, and much more. Our oil-based, penetrating stains are low VOC, pet friendly, and environmentally friendly. Maintenance coats are a breeze and your project will be as beautiful as you have always dreamed it would be.


Wood rejuvenation

Not all wood projects have to be replaced once they get a little age. You have a lot invested in your deck, fence, pergola, shutters, posts... If the wood is solid, we can take an old project that is greyed and even has heavy moss growing on it and bring it back to life. Many times we can replace a few bad aspects, rejuvenate the rest, and you have a quality project that will last for years to come.

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