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Fence Repair in Canton, Ga

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Is your fence needing repair? And are you located in Canton, GA?

Can My Fence be Repaired?

We get calls all the time from residents in and around the Canton, Ga area about their sagging fence gate, bowed fence panel, rotten post, and more. Customers are wanting to know if their fence can be repaired, or does it need to be replaced?

Repair VS Replace

We received a call from a potential customer inquiring about a fence repair in her back yard. At the time of her call, the fence was merely leaning, but she was concerned as she did not feel she could let her dog out unattended in the condition it was in. It wasn't long and her concerns were realized...

A few days later, a storm had come through the neighborhood. The storm was not even very strong, just a decent rain shower. The next day, we at Freedom Fencing of Ga received a call back form the same customer. Over night, as the storm passed through Canton, Ga, her fence had finally failed and 5 of the 6 panels were on the ground.

Knowing her concerns about her pet, we pushed her up the list as an emergency call and were able to get out to her property right away.

This customer's fence posts had rotted to the point of failure, but only 5 posts needed to be replaced. The remainder of the fence posts were still in good shape. We were able to remove the rotten posts, dig out the old concrete footers, and set new posts for her fence.

Fortunately, the fence had not been in disarray for so long that the rails had warped and the fence went back together with some minor adjustments.

Not Every Fence Can Be Repaired

Sometimes a fence is so rotten that it is not possible, or not practical to repair the fence. We at Freedom Fencing of Ga understand the investment a fence can be. We strive to help the customer make the most fiscally sound decision possible. Many times the fence can be repaired, but we do not want the customer to invest money into a fence repair that is liable to fail in another area a short time later.

The Key is Not to Wait!

If you have a leaning fence, broken fence post, or sagging gate, don't wait to have it repaired. The longer the lumber of the fence is forced to stay in a position that is not how it was intended, that lumber will begin to form a memory.

Unfortunately, many fences are not repaired quick enough and it leads to more costly repairs than are necessary. What would have been a single post can turn into full panel replacements and more depending on the weight being distributed through the remaining fence.

Call Freedom Fencing TODAY for a fence repair evaluation. 470-227-0762

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