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Why "No-Dig" Aluminum Fence?

No-dig fence systems are a newer concept here in Ga. We were the first to offer these services in the Metro-Atlanta area. We are so confident that this approach to fence installation so much more superior to traditional fence installation that we no longer offer dig and set fence whenever possible.

To understand when "No-Dig" fence installation can't be utilized, visit this "POST"

Traditional Aluminum Fence Installation

Traditionally, aluminum fence is installed via digging holes and setting posts in concrete. This comes with many drawbacks and challenges both during installation and when working on future repairs.


As traditional aluminum fence is installed, the fence must be installed by setting a post, adding the panel, then setting the next post. This pattern of post, panel, post, continues throughout the installation of the fence. In most cases, how something goes together is typically how it is taken apart.


If your fence was to be damaged by a falling tree or confused new driver, the fence would have to be disassembled, the old concrete slugs and posts removed, and new installed. This becomes a very labor intensive, expensive, a messy process.

Strength and Durability

Aluminum fence is not the strongest fence solution. Residential aluminum, line and corner fence posts are only .060 inches thick. Gate posts are slightly thicker at .125 inches thick. Typical residential line posts alone can be bent and folded without much force.

Digging holes

Digging holes... yeah, its a messy process. Here in North Metro Atlanta we are very familiar with the good ole Ga red clay. The stuff gets everywhere, stains fences and homes, and the dirt doesn't go back in the hole it came out of. 30" at 8" in diameter worth of mud must be removed when setting posts properly. That's almost 3' deep! Rather than putting the dirt back, we replace it with concrete, a messy substance in itself. Dust everywhere, on your new fence, in your yard, etc...

No-Dig Aluminum Fence Installation

We now know the downsides to traditional aluminum fence installation. How is no-dig superior?


No-dig essentially speaks for the overall approach to how we now install fence. But let's take a closer, more detailed look.

Each style of fence (wood, vinyl, aluminum) has it's own method of installation that all incorporate the use of a driver driving posts in the ground, the difference lies in the type of post being installed. For aluminum, we use a gas powered driver that sits atop an aluminum I-beam that is driven 3+ feet into the ground. This I-beam is then used as the structure of the fence, and the original aluminum post acts as a sleeve that slides over the I-beam. This allows us to set the posts firsts, then we can assemble the panels. Remember how something goes together is likely how it comes apart in reverse?


Due to the way that the fence is installed, repairs are much easier, much less labor intensive, and therefore, much less costly.

Let's say a tree falls damages a section, even two, of your established aluminum fence. As the fence is now being built post, then panels last, these two panels can easily be removed and replaced. If a post itself were to be damaged, this post can be pulled from the ground and a new post put in it's place. No large holes left by removed concrete either. A clean and simple repair.

Strength and Durability

We have discussed the limitations and weakness of aluminum fence posts. Their thin walls are susceptible to damage and manipulation. The aluminum I-beam is manufactured so that the I-beam itself is manufactured to a thickness of .125 inches. With these I-beams, the fence gains an unbelievable amount of strength, so much so, that we, at times, have two guys putting all their weight into the post if a post is not perfectly plumb. If a post is knocked hard enough by a vehicle, we MAY be able to straighten the post again, but it will not be performed easily.

Digging holes

Digging holes? Yeah... that's a thing of the past. We no longer dig holes to set our posts as mentioned before. We are now driving our posts directly into the ground. There are some technical facts we can get into about why concrete is used, etc... but for now, just know that the posts are no weaker by driving them, in fact, data is showing them to be stronger.

By not digging holes we no longer need 8" of space to dig in. Give me 2" of clearance and we can send it. No more destroying landscapes or damaging plants. In the image below, we drove these I-beams within a 12" space between the retaining wall and pool deck. On one end of the retaining wall, a 4" drain pipe had already been put in place limiting our clearance down to 4". No worries, we found the drain pipe and placed our aluminum I-beam right next to it. Imagine the mess and damage we would have caused attempting to dig with an auger to traditionally set these posts.

No-dig aluminum placed between a pool deck and retaining wall.

Did you just make a large investment in your landscape design and installation? Do you have a pool grand opening right after the final inspection is complete and you don't want mud spread all over your new pool deck? Is your favorite tree or bush right next to the panel that was just damaged and needs repaired? Protect your landscape and investment by causing as little damage and disruption in the soil as possible.

With no-dig aluminum you receive a much better value and a superior final product compared to traditional installation. To discuss your aluminum fence repair or installation give us a call or schedule a reservation for a discovery call by clicking the button below!

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