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What Does a Wood "No-Dig" Fence Look Like?

One of the most common questions we here when discussing "no-dig" fences is "What does a no-dig fence look like? Will we see the posts?"

Shadow-box no-dig fence installation.

Our wood no-dig fences are built using galvanized steel, Post Master Posts. When we mention this, or when the posts arrive on site, there is typically concern of what the fence will look like, not to keen on the idea of seeing metal posts on their fence.

We completely understand this and have designed our fence installation methods to assist in concealing the steel posts so, when you look out at your fence, you see the beautiful wood fence you are use to traditionally seeing.

No-dig 4 rail fence with wire.

As you can see with this 4 rail fence with wire, the steel Post Master Posts are covered with a wood cover board. The post is ultimately sandwiched between two face boards giving a traditional wood fence appearance while providing a much stronger, longer lasting, lifetime warranty product.

With proper maintenance of the fence rails and face board via a quality oil-based, penetrating stain (we recommend Expert Stain and Seal from, your fence should last you your lifetime.

Not interested in a wood fence? We also provide no-dig fence installations for aluminum, vinyl, and steel fences as well!


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