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Water-based Stain VS Oil-based Stain

Let's discuss the differences and why we prefer what we prefer as our #1 stain choice.

Water based or Oil? What's the difference?

We get the question a lot, or hear the statement "I was never sure which was better" when it comes to trying to learn the differences or pros and cons of each product. We have our preference at Freedom Fencing of Ga, others have there own. And most of the time, each is pretty set in their ways.

The #1 thing to keep in mind not matter which side of the isle you sit, all stains are not created equal. No matter the type of stain, do your research and find the best product available. The whole purpose of the stain is to ensure that your investment is protected.

Water-based Stain:

To begin with, the name assigned is pretty self explanatory. This type stain has a water base which allows for water clean up. Some benefits that are typically assigned to the water-based formulas are...

- Dries faster

- Deeper color

- Easier cleanup

- Less harmful fumes

- Mildew and mold resistant

- Not flammable

These, when applied to a high quality water-based stain, are not inaccurate. But at the same time, we find many of these benefits apply to the oil-based stain that we recommend as well.

Oil-based Stain:

In full transparency, we are a fan of oil-based stains. As in most instances, we were originally introduced to oil-based stains so that may have something to do with it. However, we were fortunate to be introduced to a superior product in the oil-based stain industry that negates a lot of the cons typically associated.

Why do we like the stain we use?

- Low VOC

- Environmentally friendly

- Unbelievable amounts of pigment

- Deep oil penetration

- Easy long-term maintenance

- Self-leveling application

- Quick and easy cleanup

The stain that we use and back 100% comes from the Stain and Seal Experts. You can find their product and information by clicking the image below:

What we see...

We stain and repair a lot of fences and decks. Over time, you start to notice a few consistencies. We see a lot of water-based products you can find locally at various big box stores. These products act very much like paint. We find that over time, the product begins to fail and moisture is able to get into the wood a whole lot easier than it can get out. This then causes the material it is designed to protect to fail prematurely.

As these stains age, they begin to fade, peel, and crack. To provide proper maintenance, these have to be cleaned, sanded, and stripped many times as we don't want to put new product on a failing foundation. These processes are costly and time consuming.

With quality oil-based stains, as the stain ages, it will begin to fade and lose it's color. However, when this happens, maintenance is much easier and less intensive. A quick clean and reapply right over the top and we are good to go. At the same time, the oil-based penetrating stain is able to expand and contract with the wood, also allowing the wood to breathe. The amount of pigment in the quality stain leaves an unbelievable appearance as well. No drips, lap marks, or inconsistent coloring. If the color is not just right, we can always come back and add an additional coat to even it out.

We are here for you!

We are always only a phone call or message away. We are happy to answer any questions, thoughts, or concerns that you may have. Even if you don't live in North Metro Atlanta, we are here to assist those in need.

Feel free to give us a call or schedule a time to discuss your project by clicking on the image below. There you can pick a time to schedule a phone call with one of our staff to discuss anything you may need or answer any questions you may have.

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