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Do I need a permit to build a fence?

Disclaimer: Let me start by saying that we are based in North Metro Atlanta and we always recommend that you contact your local permitting office for clarification. The following is what we typically see and is not legal advice in any way. Even here, each municipality has it's own requirements and regulations and it's difficult to keep up with each.

Do you need a permit to build a fence in North Metro Atlanta?

As mentioned above... it depends. I hate that answer, but many times it is the most accurate answer to give.

We find that 9O% of the time, a fence alone does not require a permit. There is one instance where a permit is guaranteed to be involved, and another where it may be possible. We'll touch on each below.

Scenarios in North Metro Atlanta when a permit is needed

in regards to a fence.

Pools: The first scenario that you will find yourself dealing with your local permitting office, guaranteed, is when you are building or dealing with a pool. The permit is not necessarily for the fence, but rather the pool permitting process requires a fence.

This is where you have to ensure that you are speaking with the correct municipality and permitting office. If you live inside a city, that is within a county, that is within a state... each entity will likely have their own rules and regulations as to what fence and style is acceptable to be built around a pool.

The State of Ga has it's own code. The County you are located in will likely have it's own, and if you're living within an actual city's limits (for example we live within the City Limits of Canton), they may have another. The only time a smaller governing body (city vs county) can trump the previous code is when the smaller government's code is more strict than the previous. Example would be a County requires a 4' tall fence where the City requires 5' tall.

Particular Municipalities: Some cities can be as bad as the worst HOAs. Be sure to check with your local municipality to be sure that there are not more in depth requirements to have a fence approved. There are a few small cities within Metro Atlanta that can be a nightmare to get approval from. Typically these cities are very sp

ecific of the size and style a fence can be. Fences are a large investment so we want to ensure all our "i"s are dotted and "t"s crossed.

Who pulls the permits if a permit is required?

In the case that an actual permit is required for a project, most likely dealing with a pool, this process is generally already handled by the pool contractor or the homeowner themselves. When it comes to permits and documentation with some of the more stringent municipalities, we typically leave that up to the homeowners.

We are always more than willing and happy to assist our clients as they walk through the process and provide any necessary documentation th

at may be required. We want to ensure our clients not only receive an amazing product, but a great experience as well.

Don't Worry! We are here for you!

Whether a permit is required or not, we are happy to assist with answering any questions or concerns that our clients may have. We have worked in most municipalities in North Metro Atlanta and have a pretty good understanding of who the more stringent entities are. However, there are more small cities in Metro Atlanta than I think most people realize, and I'm sure there are a few we have not had the pleasure of working with. When that time comes, we will ensure that these details are covered and navigated to the best of our ability.

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